Western Heritage Center
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
           Building 611
           Monroe, WA 98272 
    (425) 232-3493 

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Photos Group 2   


Inside the Museum

Overhead Artifacts - Farming and Lifestyle

Collection of Blacksmith Hammers

Scale Model Train Running Over Blacksmith Area

Part of a Collection of Over 200 Wrenches Dating back to the 1800s

Guests from Nevada Enjoy the Exhibits

1883 Drill Press Run by 8 ft Waterwheel

Partial View of Tractor Collection at the Museum

Number 3 John Deere Mower from the 1920's

1920's Hay Loader

Very Rare John Deere Industrial

1920's Wood's Brothers Threshing Machine

Partial View of Tractor Collection at the Museum

A Very Old Washer and Pot Belly Stove

Milking Equipment

Old Horse Drawn Plows


Example of Small Tools Collection