Western Heritage Center
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
           Building 611
           Monroe, WA 98272 
    (425) 232-3493

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Become a Supporting Member!

Founders Support - $50
(1 person unlimited access for 1 year)

Annual Supporting Member - $300
(Host and 5 guests for 1 year and a Memorial Brick)

Honorary Membership - $500
(Host and 5 guests for 3 years and 2 Memorial Bricks)

Lifetime Membership - $1000
(Host and 5 guests for lifetime and 2 Memorial Bricks)

The Western Heritage Center is looking for volunteers and has an established membership plan.
Your support is critical to the success of this project. If you or any member of your family would like to become         Call Chris Senner @ 425-232-3493 or email   jerry@whcmuseum.org