Western Heritage Center
        Evergreen State Fairgrounds
           Building 611
           Monroe, WA 98272 
    (425) 232-3493 

      Kids Stuff!

At the Western Heritage Center...

...he can really grind corn, wheat and oats into grain and flour

...she can learn about native tree barks, local wood types and how the make shake roofs!

...they can handle / touch different ores and minerals

...they will learn to identify bird nests, eggs and wetland habitats

...they can watch drive belts turning pulleys that turn pulleys,
that turn more pulleys, and finally drill a piece of wood!

...they can operate a  computer to make a corn sheller (??) make a drag saw work (??), or to operate a grain cleaner (??)

...they can watch a real water wheel being powered by water (imagine that!)

In other words, lots of unique and creative fun that teaches about the past as they learn!