Western Heritage Center
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
           Building 611
           Monroe, WA 98272 
    (425) 232-3493 

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Donation are needed and welcomed!

 The Western Heritage Center is a 501 (C-3) Tax deductible organization. We are actively pursuing Grants and monetary contributions.
If you would like to participate in our efforts to save the wealth of knowledge and history of our region, please consider contacting us for further discussions.

Information regarding funds, grants, artifacts, books and any equipment...
Please contact Chris Senner, Executive Director by email @ jerry@whcmuseum.org or call 425-232-3493.

Mission Statement

The Western Heritage Center is dedicated to sharing the living history of the Snohomish River valleys.
The organization will achieve this through collection, preservation and restoration of historical documents
and artifacts, through interpretive displays and though creative public and educational programming.

Value Statement

The Western Heritage Center is committed to preserving the stories of the Snohomish River valleys and sharing this local history without judgment or bias.
In this way, the organization can contribute to its community…through educational efforts, through the development of working partnerships,
through the involvement of families and through the encouragement of all citizens. The Western Heritage Center will celebrate the benefits
 of the Industrial Revolution, honoring the rural technologies which shaped and continue to shape life in the communities of these valleys.