Western Heritage Center
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
           Building 611
           Monroe, WA 98272 
    (425) 232-3493 

one   of   the   most   comprehensive   interactive   museums   of
mining,   logging,   agriculture   and early life ...in the pacific Northwest.


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Events Calendar 2016

October 15th  - Apple Cider Pressing Day

December 19th Saturday - Christmas Lighting Extravaganza, Lights, Hayrides, Tours, Coffee, Cider, Cookies, Kids Games. 10AM -8PM

" One of the best heritage museums in the region."

  We encourage educational tours and field trips. We have lots to see and experience. This is a hands on museum. Our staff takes the time to explain and demonstrate these amazing artifacts.



 In today's world of fast technologies, fake fun and video "non-reality" .. its hard to build roots and the basics needed with your kids unless they can have a "fun" hands on experience.

This exhibit has been designed to spark the interest of the visitor as well as educate him or her on just how exciting and creative people had to be to survive without TV and cell phones. Take a tour and bring your kids for a great day or night of real reality!



This exhibit was originally the life long dream of a great guy named Jerry Senner. His collection process started many years ago. He has spent his life assembling these classic tractors, implements and specialized equipment for display. His passion for passing on some of the fun and creative parts of the past to the next generation will inspire everyone!  We're actively adding equipment and  components everyday! Come by and visit! 

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See the latest thing in washing your clothes... Grind your own grain, see a working water wheel....We even have a telephone switchboard (it was used to manually connect party lines to direct lines for phone conversations by plugging wires into a panel)



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  Evergreen State Fairgrounds
  Building 611
(SE Corner)
  Monroe, WA 98272

  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  Wednesday - Saturday
  12:00 PM -  5:00 PM  Sunday
  Other times available for groups
  and classrooms by appointment.


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Museum View by 'Overhead
  Rail Road'

Pulley and Belt System
  on a LineShaft

 Hay Press Circa 1915


" The Western Heritage Center
, a historical museum located on the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA and was created to educate and demonstrate the amazing heritage we have in our Pacific Northwest. It was designed as a working, moving, hands on museum. Ideal for classes, groups and anyone interested in touching the past.

He set out to persuade the county to grant a piece of nearby county-owned land upon which he could build a much larger museum."

Our newest exhibit recently donated will be one of the largest single collections in the Pacific Northwest.

 As an associate partner of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, we are establishing an antique "people mover " train. Our plan is to provide a circuit between parking lots, the Western Heritage Center Museum and Fair events.



Jerry Senner
 Founder and Visionary of the Museum

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